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Product reviews and how to video's will be featured on upcoming segments of GraphicLabsTV.  Get real world reviews from someone in the industry.

What's going on at GraphicLabsTV?

Well it's been 6 years since we remodeled the store and signed up to be a FASTSIGNS franchise!

FASTSIGNS has been a great partner in my business!  Being new in the sign industry, we needed help and I mean lots of help!  Anytime I have a question or a problem, they are there for me!   From helping out with a profile to diagnosing equipment problems.  We see our rep on a quarterly basis and he does a great job coaching us on our business and is a great asset for many of the questions we always have!  FASTSIGNS has a great system for training our employees as well.  If you thinking about the sign business and want a great partner, I highly recommend FASTSIGNS!  Lots of success stories and multi million dollar centers!  We're getting there!

We now have two Latex printers, a HP 360 and a 315.  We also just acquired a Mimaki JFX200 Flatbed printer and will be filming project segments in the near future.

We are loving our GravographLS 1000 XP 80 watt laser!  Talk about open up more possibilities in the sign business!

One of our latest toys is an Esko flatbed cutter! I don’t know how we survived without a flatbed cutter! Now we can cut 1000’s of decals or machine out 1/4” aluminum for sign letters! We are now going after the ADA sign market and are starting to do a lot of large projects, thanks to our Esko! Ours has a roll feed table so we can print 150’ of graphics and the Esko will cut out the whole roll! Check out our Esko videos of this hot rod in action!

I’ve been shopping for a application table for a couple of years and kept coming back to a RollsRoller. RollsRoller is the originator in this area and I feel has the best built table in the industry! We got their really big Premium table with adjustable height and absolutely love it!

One thing I have learned:  There's no money making boat stickers!  We've found vehicle graphics, interior graphics, ADA signage, sign cabinets, wayfinding and large signs is where the money is at!  Powersport graphics are a lot of work for the return!  I would much rather throw a 4x8 in our Mimaki flatbed and in 15 minutes make $400!

Having the Mimaki JFX200 paired with the Gravograph laser allows us to print and cut out high dollar acrylic prints that command a premium price and look awesome!

Our FASTSIGNS Center is coming along nicely!  We have a large and wonderful showroom, a Customer Design Center and our production area is really cool with Texture Plus wall panels and wall prints.  We are working on putting a wall wrap on the North wall and a 30's style gas station on the NW wall. We also are just wrapping up the “Fallout Shelter”. This is our after hours Man Cave and a great spot to have customers relax, have some fun as see what we can make our our center!

We have a new front CSR (Brittney) and a Cody Murphy is headed up outside sales! We are having record sales month after month so I guess we must be doing something right!

Stay tuned for updates!



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