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Product reviews and how to video's will be featured on upcoming segments of GraphicLabsTV.  Get real world reviews from someone in the industry.

GraphicLabsTV is building the "Ultimate Sign Store" to showcase the latest and greatest products in the industry.  See products in action and learn about them with our upcoming product reviews and "how-to" segments.


it all started with the "Ultimate Auto Parts store" we built a few years back.  a 10,000 square feet store We designed with a early automobilia theme.  Lot's of neon, black and white checkered floors, a 30's style Texaco gas station in the corner with the ability to showcase old cars and street rods! 

This is our remodel.  After Greg sold the Auto Parts store to O'Reilly's, they gutted the building and turned it into a plain box store.  we started our sign business in the garage and after it started taking off it was time to remodel and move into the rest of the building. We removed the drop ceiling, chiseled up three layers of tile and added stub walls for the back shop area as well as the space for our new neighbor, capstone church.  96 bright florescent lights light up the production area.  This will make for great filming!  We use the garage area for vehicle wrap installations and substrate storage and cutting now.


Texture Plus Wall Panels!


A short rule to what you ought to do when it ought to be done, whether you feel like doing it or not.